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The DADvenger Initiative: The HULK!

I am working out my GEEKels (Geek Kegels) as we approach the theatrical release of the Avengers movie! I already have a series called Modern Myths that talks about comic characters in popular.  This is an extension of that idea asking what if I had a dad with their traits, and am I that kind of dad?  It’s just another reason for me to Geek-Out on my blog, so enjoy and check back as I work through the roster!


If the Hulk was my Dad!

Unless he turned green and huge when he got angry, I wouldn’t know which dad I was going to deal with from day to day.  If he was angry, I would hope that he was mad at someone or something else.  Even when in a good mood (Bruce Banner Dad) he would be haunted by the other side of himself.  He would try to comfort me by telling me that that other side is not who he really is, but it would be hard to believe him.

If I’m the Hulk to My Kids!

I need to reconcile the “me” I think I am to the “other side” of me, and realize that both side are, in fact, the same person.  I need to stop making excuses for my actions when I’m upset, under an influence, or overly reactionary.  I need to learn, possibly through counseling or through some form of support, that it is okay to be angry as long as I direct it a what I truly angry at… even if it’s myself.

The Wrap-Up!

The Hulk is one of my favorite characters in comics.  There are the obvious correlations to Frankenstein’s Monster, but beyond that, he is the unadulterated power that we all hold within ourselves.  This internal power can scare some when we don’t recognize it as ourselves.  When I was holding onto anger (not a very long time ago), I walked around worried that the wrong person would say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time and they would get the beat-down of a lifetime that was reserved for someone else.  The Hulk is a man who is unstoppable when he lets go and accepts all of who he is.


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