The #DADVengers Initiative – #TheAvengers Will Assemble

It is our differences that make us strong together.  The Avengers Movie comes out this coming Friday!  To say I am excited for this GEEKtacular event will downplay the NERDgasms that will happen across America.  The Avengers kicks-off the Summer of Geeks!  My wife is going with me just to make sure my head doesn’t explode!  I am most excited, because the reviews I’ve heard have been good.

The Avengers, is about a group of Alpha-Male (and female) personalities that have the ability and means to carry their own movies (which they all have) and throws them into a $h!tstorm of an alien invasion that only one of them could never handle alone.  When you put these personalities together, they will inevitable butt heads, jockey for position, and do everything else guys do to determine their place among one another.

There are some great dads out here on the BLOGshpere and in the TWITTERverse.  Many of us have created our own online personalities and that is enough, but what happens when you throw us into the same project?  I am currently collaborating with some great guys; guys you all should know, and you all should follow.  But how well will we get along?  I get along just peachy with my wife and kids, but outside of that very small circle, it takes effort; effort I am not always willing to put forth.  Everything is amicable now, and I do hope it stays that way, but to steal the line from MTV, “What happens when people stop being nice, and start getting real?”

I know what happens… nothing, because we are guys.  If we have a disagreement, we will get over it!  If someone does not become my Bestest Best Friend Forever and ever and ever, then I won’t be upset by it.  We will not split into factions of friends, frenemies, enemies, and/or nemesis.  None of us will set out to sabotage or destroy the other.  Do you know why?  Because we are men, and that sounds like way too much work for something that should be fun!  I look forward to my time with these guys, and you should see what we are doing now, so you can watch us cometogether to do something monumental when we come together… much like the Avengers.

  1. The Rookie Dad                         @therookiedad

  2. Daddy’s In Charge                      @DaddysinCharge

  3. Diaper Dads                               @DiaperDads

  4. Twinfamy                                   @Twinfamy

  5. Founding a Father                      @jetts31

  6. I Became My Dad                      @IbecameMyDad

  7. This Daddy’s Blog                      @ThisDaddys_Blog

  8. Daddy Knows Less                    @DKLblog

  9. EduDad                                     @SaskaDad

  10. Manhood v. Dadhood (me)       @ManvDadhood


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13 comments on “The #DADVengers Initiative – #TheAvengers Will Assemble

    • Good choice. I Think I’d actually want to be Thor. Not because he’s the Hippy God of Thunder, but because he has some family issues, but still does what’s right regardless of a jealous brother.

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