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The Justice League of Dad Bloggers


There are some blogs and bloggers that I enjoy reading.  I am going to share six blogs that you should definitely check out.  Since I am a geek, I am going to fit them into the Justice League characters.  These choices and opinions are strictly from my own opinion so please don’t argue with me as to who should be which character or someone else was left out.  This is all my own opinions, and you can keep your wrong opinions to yourself.

SUPERMAN: Bruce Sallan

www.BruceSallan.com  @BruceSallan

Bruce is the man!  When I was trying to throw together DADuary this last year, Bruce came to my rescue in the form of a phone conversation that helped me begin to focus.  He also went above and beyond by letting my hijack one of his hugely popular #DadChats and put me on his radio show.  If you’re asking what I want to do with blogging, look no further than Bruce; content is king ,and he attracts quality people and guests.

BATMAN & ROBIN: Charlie and Andy


www.HowToBeADad.com  @HowToBeADad

This dynamic duo never fails to get the job done. Every time I stop by their blog, I am pleased by what I see.  Whether it is diagrams, pics, videos, or writings, there is no social media technology they have not utilized. I can picture them getting ready to put together posts and saying, “Quick, to the Dad Cave!”



www.DadaRocks.com  @DadaRocks

In a Twitter conversation that included Adam, he explained the many sites he’s had a hand in creating.  He has his finger on the pulse of parent blogs and is the voice for dads in many mom-dominated events and sites.  He seems to know what has been going on and is working, with great determination, towards making that voice of dads heard more and more.

WONDER WOMAN: Holly Pavlika


www.HaveMOMentum.com  @HollyPavlika

Much like Wonder Woman, Holly can hold her own up against these guys.  I enjoy interactions with Holly, and if there ever was a #MILFF (Mom I Like to Follow Friday), it is Holly.

AQUAMAN: Lamar & Ronnie


www.BlackandMarriedwithKids.com  @BlackandMarried

I think it would take me too long to fully explain why I put Lamar and Ronnie as Aquaman, so I will not try.  I will say that they have an amazing focus that some may say separates them from the general discussions of families and marriage since they focus on the Black Community.  However, what they are doing is great and will help all communities.

THE FLASH: Benjamin


www.MyRadDad.com  @MyRadDad

Ben is a friend of mine who is new to blogging and he fits this league because he is young, and funny and quick-witted.  I find myself laughing whenever I visit Ben’s site, or his family.  Underneath the humor lies a good guy, a good dad, and a good husband.

This is my own Justice League of Dad Bloggers!  I purposefully did not include anyone who is already a part of the DADvenger initiative.  Bottom line: there’s a LOT of great dad (and mom) blogs out there!  These are some of my faves!


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22 comments on “The Justice League of Dad Bloggers

  1. I’m a shoo-in as Elongated Man. He’s stretched too thin and is a supporting player with a sense of humor.

      • Hah! No, you should blame the old Super-Friends cartoons for that! Seriously, I”d rather have a damn space monkey on my team than Aquaman. I mean, how is Sub-Mariner cool, yet Aquaman’s a wuss?

      • How? Namor not only pimp-slaps the Fantastic 4 and other heroes, but I think he also tries to his on the Invisible Woman while doing it. ;-) He’s hardcore!

  2. JB you are the man! I made the list! At first I thought the Flash referred to how quickly I accidently became a dad after I got hitched. But what you said was better.

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  5. My kids are really getting into comics these days, so I’ve been letting them read my old classics from the ’80s. I haven’t touched any of the new DC books since the reboot. Are any worth getting? Any good for kids 7 and 9 years old?

    • I’ve gone through the new JLA, Action Comics, and the first 2 or 3 of Batman… Batman has my interest, and JLA is interesting. Superman’s origin was not as interesting as the Earth One take on it.

      • Wait, so this new 52 stuff is NOT Earth 1? I thought the main universe was Earth 1? Or wait, is that Earth Prime? I could never keep up with DC’s insane continuity. Though Marvel’s continuity/crossover crap right now is keeping me from jumping back in myself and also from getting my kids into them.

      • Correct… It is NOT the Earth One series. AND DC is still going to keep doing the Earth One series as well. Mass Confusion.

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