Who’s Better: Moms or Dads?

Who the F* Cares?

It is my understanding that when it comes to parenting, there is no better, only different.  I am a MAN, and my wife is a WOMAN.  Our perspectives are different.  The way we deal with and cope with the world is different.  The interests we have are different.  Our hobbies and the ways we want to vacation are different.  Is one better than the other?  Well, I like to think mine is better, but that is just MY perspective.

When it comes to parenting, there is no better, but it is our differences that should compliment one another.  These differences stem NOT from gender, but from upbringing, exposures, experiences, and culture.  There are things that my wife does amazingly, and there are things that I don’t do half-bad.  One thing I KNOW for a FACT that my wife does better than me is breastfeed.  After that, it’s up for debate.  My kids want to wrestle with me and shower her in kisses and snuggles.  My kids want to play baseball with me and read with her.  My kids try to lick my head and they sing with her.

Is one thing better than the other, or are all these things necessary for kids to grow?  If I was a single parent I know my kids would miss my wife’s influence not because it’s better, but because it would add to the people they with grow into.  As Bruce Sallan says, “We are the other side of the equation.”

When it comes to parenting, there is no better, only different.


This post was in response to a piece of $h!t post published on Babble.com, which was recently bought by Disney.

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6 comments on “Who’s Better: Moms or Dads?

  1. I disagree to a certain extent – there is a benchmark of “better” versus “different” (which is why CPS exists). However, that has nothing to do with the difference between mothers and fathers. That’s the human condition. As far as which parent is “better” then you are correct, not one or the other, but always best when working together to make up for each others deficits.

  2. AMEN! I loved this post especially in light of the media crap about mommy wars and judging other peoples’ parenting.

  3. I’m guessing this post is a response to Babble’s recent top 10 and I too was upset by it. Each parent’s strengths add to the overall development of their children. Each parent should strive to be the best but not at the cost of trying to be better than their partner.

    • Absolutely… We strive to be better than we once were, not better than out partner. When parents compete against one another, no one wins.

  4. What makes me sad is hearing people who complain that men are no good for this or women are no good for that. Clearly, if they think that’s the case, they’ve chosen the wrong partner. Find a partner that complements your strengths. That means you each SHOULD have strengths the other doesn’t have so together you’re a better team. Is there a tendency for women to have certain strengths and men others? Probably. Most households would probably say, as you do, that the kids tend to wrestle with dad more than mom. And wrestling is a part of parenting, as is snuggling, playing catch and so on. I actually wrestle with my son more than my wife does, but I snuggle at least as much as she does too. Who the f**k cares? Those are the dynamics of the parenting team in our house. My wife does a TON of things better than I do, and I do some stuff way better than she does and that’s what makes it a good fit.

    Thanks for the post!

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